Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Internet Radio Station - Unsigned and Signed Music Radio

On 14th September 2012 after the school summer holidays and end of this pilot project, we are to re-launch the internet radio station.

This is going to be a very exciting time for us as the internet radio station is part of the Live365 Radio website and it is to be linked with the create and discover project!

As an additional activity for the second installment of this community project the students would be able to express their communication and presentation skills.

It is on the blog site as the blue and red radio player - Live 365 Radio.

Students would be able to practice their radio presenting skills as well as develop their much needed researching skills for school in a fun and interactive way!

One example for utilising the radio activity would be for interviewing guests only.  Another example is to produce a short radio show that includes radio presenting, music and interviews.

These shows would be broadcast onto and available on the internet for friends and family to listen to!

For further information please open the Live365 Radio link.

Science, Technology and Helping the Environment

One of the science workshops involves the use of solar power.  With create and discover we help the students to understand the idea that they too can help the environment in many exciting ways!

One example is with Richard Branson who launched the Virgin Earth Challenge - please open the link to find out more.

Social Enterprise and Create and Discover's Vision and Mission

Social Enterprise and the Create and Discover Vision and Mission are linked to helping communities achieve more.  The project is currently focusing on children and young people 7 to 16 years and their families.

OUR VISION - A West Midlands without unfulfilled students.  We are starting in Rugby, Warwickshire, which is a small and important part of the West Midlands.

OUR MISSION - To promote the benefits of becoming a multi-talented student.  Working together to enjoy having a positive impact on society.

Our methods of combining art and science-based activities and workshops can help build up the student's confidence to concentrate at school.

Additionally we help the children and young people see that they can benefit by working together and have a positive impact society by understanding that schools are an important part of society.

Cost of Each Session and Social Enterprise

You may be wondering what is the cost for taking part in this new project - well guess what?

If you made a guess that all these sessions are free then you were correct - well done!

This is a pilot project so we are providing children and young people a taster of the project we would like to start with and how we plan to develop it.  The project is to be held on each Saturday during the school summer holidays 2012.

Once the project is completed we are to complete surveys with each family that took part, if they would like to do this.  They do not have to if do not want to and this is fine.

By using the surveys gathered we would use them to help write a business plan for adapting the create and discover project into a social enterprise business after 1 or 2 years after providing this service.

This would be done by discussing the idea with the families and the students involved with the create and discover project.  So as to confirm whether this would be a suitable way forward with the project.

Also for further information regarding what a social enterprise business and how they benefit communities please open this social enterprise link.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Create and Discover at Benn Partnership Centre

For more information about the facilities at Benn Partnership Centre please visit the website.

As well as a computer suite for creating the computer animations and games there are tutorial rooms where we are to hold the other activities and workshops.

Please open the Benn Partnership Centre link for more information.

Also a big thank you to everyone at the Benn Partnership for all your help and support with this community project as it greatly appreciated!

Executive Chairman of Google and Make Britain Count

Executive Chairman of Google Eric Schmidt has was interviewed by the Telegraph and the article published on 24 May 2012.  He said that Britain can no longer maintain the traditional divide between arts and science.

He would also like to rescue us from the bottom of the class when it comes to maths.

Read the telegraph link for more information.

With the Create and Discover project we have similar aims to help improve the achievements of students.

Supporting Students to Catch-Up

BBC news reported that 58.2% of high school students achieve the benchmark 5 GCSE's.

Read this BBC news link for further information

With the create and discover project we provide a variety of science and  art-based workshops and activities to help build the confidence of students - whether they are in high school or for preparation of primary school students.

So if they would like support to achieve 5 or more GCSE's regardless if student is from a less advantaged background or not the activities and workshops would help develop a sense of achievement.

This sense of achievement can be carried with them to school to help build more confidence to concentrate more in lessons.

About Scratch - Computer Animations and Games

Scratch is a software program that helps children and young people learn how to make computer animations and games.

Please open this scratch link to see the 2 videos describing what can be achieved.

Also open this you tube link to see an example.

Another interesting benefit is that on 17 April 2012 BBC news reported the plan of the use of the Scratch program in primary schools.  Open BBC news link to find out more.

This is a plan supported by the education secretary - read the guardian news link for further information.

Examples of 3D Model Making (CAD - Computer Aided Design)

Examples of Illustrations on Sketch Book Pro (Electronic Art)

Examples of Certificates of Achievement following Competition

Grouping of Age Ranges and Structure of Saturday Sessions

Description of Activities and Workshops

Timetable of Workshops and Activities

Test Embed of You Tube Videos

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Poster Information

This poster is to give an idea of some activities and workshops we are providing.

Re-Launch of Create and Discover Project

After receiving some complimentary comments and feedback from an exhibition in Overslade Community Centre in Rugby we are re-launching the dates for the create and discover project so as to include the school summer holidays.

We look forwarded to you joining in these activities and workshops so as to achieve as much as you can and hopefully much more than you expected!

See you soon.