Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Quiet Session and Some Interesting News!

Hi, I hope everything is OK!

We had a quiet session this Saturday as most students were at day trips or weddings!

They got back safe and we are aiming to see them next session.

Additionally we had some interesting news! One of the tutors got B, B, B and is off to study Geography and Ecomonics at Uni so a big congrats to you!

We are also wishing all the best for our second tutor with her GCSE result on Thursday.

So keep on going and this is a picture to celebrate with the A'level results!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

New Tutors working with Create and Discovery Project!

Hi guys, I hope everything is OK!

We have some great news - we are working with 2 new tutors!

They helped facilitated 2 workshops on their very first day! These were computers and project development. So a big well done to these guys!

With the computers the new tutors did a fantastic job of enabling the students to design individual computer games, with USPs!!!  The students had to present them to the group and had to "sell them" to us as well. Also we had team leaders for the tower building in project development.

Also a quick update about the new tutors  - One tutor has done his A'levels and his results were due today so all the best for these results! He would like to follow a career involving economics and finance.

Our second tutor has done her GCSE's so good luck for next week Thursday! She would like to follow are career linked with journalism and English.

So good luck guys with exam results!!!

Keep on going guys! You are doing really well.

Also please note that the videos should be back for next week, so watch this space!!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Project Development Activities - Team Leadership and Team Building!

Hi guys, me again!

Please be aware:  We encourage our students to express themselves as creative and confident students. Although if any students interrupt other students engaged in any workshop or activity then we sit them down and have a one to one session encouraging team-work and "Gold Star" behaviour.

These were the final videos for the session and the students really pulled together to build some tall towers!
We give them £1500 for each team leader (don't worry it's only monopoly money!)  to buy the materials (from some "rip-off" supplier!) and they are encouraged to complete the task in the time them have.

In addition we have included the student's actual steps and conversations they had during the tasks.

So a big well done to you guys - remember to keep on going as you are really improving!

Team Leadership and Team-Building 1

Team Leaderships and Team Building 2

Art and Chess Activities!

Hi guys, I hope all is well.

Sometimes during the fun classes we have to put our "serious hat on!"

Please note: In addition to our safeguarding and child protection policies we have behaviour and anti-bullying documents as well. We always encourage our students to express themselves in a creative and confident way.  Although if a student appears to be disrupting the class we sit down with them and have a one to one session encouraging them to behave with "gold star" behaviour.  As such this is not shown on the videos.

Although on a lighter note:-

Below are the 3 art and chess videos (with some computers mixed in as well!)
The students did engage well  with these tasks and with passion!  We aim to show them that they can produce art products not just electronic-based products.

We have also included the student's actual steps and conversations they had during the tasks.

Keep up the great work you're doing guys!

Take a look and enjoy!

Art and Science

Computer, Chess, and Art

Chess and Art

Hi! Chess and Science Workshops!

Hi guys I hope everything is OK!

This is the second instalment of videos for the project from 02/08/14!

We spent some time discussing with the students about how they can improve their skills.
So a "big-up" to our students as some of these challenges are more challenging than they look!

In addition, we have included the actual detailed steps and conversations the students were having! So that you can see them actually applying communication, confidence, and team-building where possible.

Below are the 3 videos recorded chess and science sessions.

Have a look and enjoy!

Chess and science workshop 1

Chess and science workshop 2

Science - Individual student asked for the challenge of completing the science task (let's see how he gets on!)