Sunday, 30 November 2014

Computing Projects Completed by Create and Discovery Community Group

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The follow links are examples of what has been produced by the community group by learning to apply their computing skills.

Note: Sorry, but flash player does not play on some tablet devices and smart phones, so if you get the chance then please look at the computer game and animations on a laptop, desktop, and mac books.

1. Shark attack game - press the green flag to start the game. Use the mouse pointer to move shark to "eat the fish" and see how many you can get in 30 seconds.

2. Joke telling time! - Dog and a comedy sketch.

3. Knight Sir Do - Good and Dragon Fire Belly animation. Dragon fire belly is hungry and wants some lunch!!!

4. Haunted house animation by Dionne (her own creative story)

5. Haunted house animation by Jodhveer (his own creative story)

6. Video clip of students creating their own computer animations or games.

Take a look and enjoy!

Poster for the Christmas Pre-Launch Date - 20th December 2014


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This is the poster for the pre-launch date for the Create and Discovery community group.

Have a look at this poster and take a look through the previous post for the hints and tips for this free prize draw, Christmas event.

This post is titled - "Updated BBC Bitesize Website - Guidance and Clues for the Prize Draw Answers" posted on 9th November.

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Updated BBC Bitesize Website - Guidance and Clues for the Prize Draw Answers

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Guidance and Clues

This is the website for the updated BBC bitesize website 

Computing - Computer science - How does the internet work (Q1 - What is the internet?)

Art and design - Inspiration and investigation - Art history (Q2 - Who born in 1852 designed the Casa Vicens?)

Science - Electricity - Circuits  (Q3 - What scientific discovery did Michael Faraday make?)

Note: Please do not worry - the case in the photos for the disney infinity 2.0 marvels game is the display case. I have borrowed it from the Game store in town and I am to return it next week when I collect the customer pack - the store had run out.  Sorry about that!

The guy in Game store also works with community projects as well and wishes the project and everyone involved all the best wishes.

For any further information contact us via phone, email, or this blog.  Our website is still under construction although the email function is working and operational.

Have a look at the photos below (click on them to zoom in), also have fun and good luck!!!

20th December 2014 - Free Prize Draw!

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I hope all is well.

On 20th December 2014 we are inviting you to visit us at our pre-launch Christmas event. It is from 10am to 12noon so leaves time to finish off any Christmas shopping!

Part of this pre-launch event is a free prize draw for some popular computer games! After the prize draw we ask the students who attend to take part in a taster session of our workshops and activities.

These computer game prizes can be changed on the day for the winner's preferred console such as Xbox 360 or PS4.

These are the prizes:-

First prize: Answer all 3 questions correctly - Disney Infinity 2.0 Marvel Superheroes Starter Pack

Second prize: Answer 2 questions correctly - Skylanders Trap Team Starter Pack

Third prize: Answer 1 question correctly - The Lego Movie Videogame

These are the questions:-

Q1. Computing - What is the internet?

Q2. Art and design - Who born in 1852 designed the Casa Vicens?

Q3. Science - What scientific discovery did Michael Faraday make?

For the answers please check out the updated BBC bitesize website - this website also shows the changes to the national curriculum in primary schools.

Also check out the following blog post titled "Updated BBC Bitesize Website" for some guidance and clues to answer the questions. See the photos of the prizes below!
To enter this prize draw of for further information please contact us on - 01788 553033, 07903 835706, or

Have fun with this prize draw and enjoy!!!